Betting with Betscsgonet

he central and main office of the bookmaker Betscsgonet does not have an established location. The office is managed by Gradient B.V. The license of the cyber-bureau of commerce was obtained and is valid according to the laws of the autonomous state of Curaçao. Since the acceptance of rates by direct interaction is impossible, currency is accepted via the website with instant replenishment.

The functionality of the site CS Gots Bets is an access to 15 language modes. In addition, the usual registration form is missing, as a result, the authorization method through the Valve – Steam marketplace. Among the currencies available on the site are: the Russian ruble, the US dollar, the euro. The availability of the site is ensured by the availability of a mobile counterpart for portable devices. In addition, an application has been developed for Android devices. The online client service is active on MacOS and Microsoft Windows systems. Among the languages ​​supported by the site are: Russian, Polish, German, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, English, French, Italian, Swedish, etc. The work of the site is prohibited in some countries due to violation of local laws.

Site support works around the clock in text messaging mode. The functionality assumes the client to communicate with the employee office with the help of a special form on the right. Thanks to the cooperation with the company, reviews of the office are carefully monitored and get a quick response. The assessment of the reliability of the company is 3 out of 5, which means an average confidence indicator among regular customers of the bookmaker office.

Betscsgo lines

The bookmaker eSports office Betscsgo was founded with a clear focus on tournaments in the discipline of CS GO. However, sometime later, the management undertook methods to expand the boundaries of the company and integrate other e-sports disciplines, including:

  • Dota 2 – the world famous mob online game with a huge base of fans and players. E-sports tournaments in this discipline are held almost daily. Therefore, the bids on DotA 2 office provides constantly;
  • PUBG – the rapidly growing popularity of third-person shooter in the genre of “Battleroyal” led to the demand for bookmakers with access to the game. Thus, the e-sports bets with money gradually became profitable, since it was in PUBG that the obvious fight favorites were determined immediately;
  • Artifact – a new product from Dota 2 developers is rapidly capturing the betting market. As a result, the bookmaker has implemented such a promising game project.
  • CS GO and Dota 2 should be highlighted among the demonstrative game leaders. In addition, the office provides access to the bonus program “betscsgo – promotional code”, which involves significant promotional offers.

Among the available types of bets should be highlighted:

  • Accurate prediction of the outcome of the confrontation. The reason for the popularity of this type of bet is the availability of the outcome, in the case of the superiority of a team. Thus, in the match of the Bo3 (Best of 3) series, the winner is finally determined, so there is no outcome for the “Draw” type;
  • Total, which is determined by superiority and victory in the first or second map;
  • During the period of the so-called “major” – tournaments that are particularly popular due to the huge prize fund and scale – intermediate outcomes are available in an amount from 5 to 10. The indicators of office coefficients do not differ from competing in the field of e-sports. In the huge list of “sites for bets on CSOs,” the service occupies a mediocre position with the usual index of margin and ratios.

The cyber-bookmaker office of Betscsgo has averages in a variety of defining parameters. The site offers not only the opportunity to use betting services, but also the marketplace, in which linking your Steam account will give you the opportunity to trade personal items from the above games for real money. Moreover, the site administration offers a rating of teams and the ability to view video broadcasts of current games. Account replenishment occurs instantly in any currency convenient to the client. The e-wallets withdrawal system works in the same way. The young, growing company continues to expand the range of cyber sports disciplines by attracting new partners and customers.